Mission of Trinity’s Children Youth and Family Ministries

To love our children.
      To provide opportunities for children’s lives
      to be transformed through Jesus.

            To equip children to serve the world.

We help children discover God’s love and live their faith every day.
•    We create a fun and engaging atmosphere for children.
•    We encourage children to develop an ongoing relationship with Jesus.
•    We help children integrate faith into their lives.
•    We provide opportunities for children to develop as spiritual leaders.

We offer an innovative partnership that recognizes you are the most important person in a child’s faith development.
•    We partner with you by providing resources to nurture and grow a child’s relationship with God.
•    We engage the heart and mind with relevant and interactive programs here and at home.
•    We use the Bible and life stories in a loving community to bring faith to life.
•    We use a variety of teaching methods to engage adults and children.
•    We help you understand a child’s unique design to better support their growth.

Adults and children will grow in relationship with God.
•    You will be better equipped to support a child’s faith development.
•    Children don’t have to figure out faith on their own.
•    As you interact with children about God, new possibilities emerge for you.
•    For more information, contact Rebecca Christiansen at 651-439-7400, ext. 125, or via email

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