Care Groups

We understand life can be difficult and believe God's loving presence is experienced through people caring for one another.

If you are feeling in need of care or support, please read through this list of care groups we have at Trinity. If you don't see a group listed here, and would like to start one, please contact Kris Linner at or Julie Jolivette at

Hope and Healing in Grief
Sun., Nov. 7; 10:30-11:30 am
Living Room
Grief is a long and difficult road and it can be especially difficult during the holidays. If you are wondering how you can get through the holidays while grieving, come to learn about normal grief and get some helpful tips on coping. Contact Pastor Kris Linner at 439-7400, ext. 107 or via email with questions.

Bereavement Comforters

Bereavement Comforters offer support to those who are grieving. Comforters walk beside people through the first 13 months of life transitions caused by the death of a loved one. When you experience the death of a loved one, please contact the Church Office by calling 439-7400. If you are interested in becoming a trained bereavement comforter or are in need of bereavement support, you can contact Kris Linner at 651-439-7400 ex. 107 or

Caring friends
It is the goal of caring friends to make sure that Trinity stays in touch with all members 75 years and older through intentional relationships of care. Caring friends send cards, make phone calls, provide support through life transitions and host a Senior Communion Worship and Lunch three times a year. Contact Nancy Hokonson at 334-4738 with questions.

Upcoming Senior Worship and Lunch Events:
• Wed., Sept. 8, 1009,  11 a.m. - Worship Center, Garden Room
• Wed., Dec. 1, 2010, 11 a.m. - Worship Center, Garden Room

Knitting Ministry
Last Thursday of the month, 10 a.m.-noon - Living Library
If you love to knit or would like to learn, come to knit for missions on the last Friday of every month in the Trinity Library from 10 am-Noon. People knit prayer shawls, baby blankets, hats and mittens and children’s sweaters which are given to people in need in our community and throughout the world. Come whenever you can.
Contact Barb Bylander at 439-4364 with questions.

New Child Welcome Team
The New Child Welcome Team provides a caring connection to new parents and welcomes new babies or adopted children into the world with a gift bag, meal and resource link. We would love to help parents celebrate God’s gift of a new child to their home.
Please let us know when God has blessed you with a child by contacting Glenda Bjorum at 439-8521 or via email. If you would like to join this team, contact Pastor Kris Linner at 439-7400, ext. 107 or via email.

Funeral Hospitality Ministry
The people of Trinity want to surround the bereaved with the hope and comfort of God’s eternal love by creating meaningful funerals or memorials for grieving family and friends. The Hospitality Team helps grieving families plan a menu, get the food, serve it and clean up. If you are interested in joining this team and/or would bake when called upon, please contact Gerrie Granquist, 439-2283 or via email.

Home Communion Friends
Home Communion Friends bring the Sacrament of Holy Communion and the connection of friendship to home-bound people on a monthly basis. If you are interested in joining this group to serve or if you or someone you know would like to begin receiving communion in their home from a Home Communion Friend, please contact Kris Linner at 439-7400,
ext. 107 or

TLC Caregivers
Monthly meetings at 2 p.m. – Joseph’s Restaurant
Are you currently caring for a loved one? Do you experience complex feelings as you live in this role? It can be lonely and overwhelming at times. If you can relate and would like to explore participation in a caring support group, please call Lois Berglund, 748-1606, to get connected to this helpful support small group.

Hospital Visitation Team
The Hospital Visitation Team is a group of trained volunteers who express care and concern on behalf of Trinity, provide a listening presence and offer prayer with Trinity members who are hospitalized. Confidentiality is respected.
Please let us know of any hospitalization by contacting Pastor Kris Linner, 439-7400, ext. 107 or via email. If you need immediate pastoral support, call 439-7400, ext. 222.

Prayer Chain Ministry
People in the prayer chain pray individually for requests received. To be a part of this confidential ministry contact
Jan Most at 436-7264

Prayer Ministry
Prayer is a wonderful way to offer care and support to one another. Trinity’s Prayer Ministry keeps all prayer requests confidential. To make a prayer request, fill out a card or contact Diane at 439-7400, ext. 141.

Prayer Group
Every Tuesday; 1:15-2 p.m. - Office Conference Room
Prayer group members gather together to pray for those who have requested prayer. New members are always welcome. To be a part of the Tuesday Prayer Group, contact Mary Anne Staberg, 439-1509.

Counseling – If you are experiencing difficult times and feel you need to talk to someone, Trinity can refer you to a professional counselor. 
Please contact Kris Linner at 651-439-7400, ext. 107, or via email.

Transitional Care Team
A new care team has been developed to provide caring support to people who are in rehabilitation or who are undergoing cancer treatment. The team members express care and concern on behalf of Trinity by offering a listening presence, holding people in prayer and providing encouragement. Please contact Pastor Kris Linner at 439-7400, ext. 107 or via email with questions.

AA Meetings
Mondays, 7:30 am     Weekly Kickoff Meeting
Tuesdays, 7:30 am    As Bill Sees It
Tuesdays, 6 pm    As Bill Sees It
Wednesdays, 7 am    As Bill Sees It-2
Thursdays, 7 am    The Study Group
Fridays, 7 am     Book of the Month Club
Saturdays, 8 am     Amigos III
All meetings are in the Living Library  
These are open, non-smoking meetings and offer confidential support for people struggling with chemical addiction. If the doors on 4th Street are locked, please enter through 3rd Street doors. Please contact David Teschler at 612-991-5117 with questions.

Saturdays,  8 am – Luther Hall
Open meeting for family and friends of people struggling with addiction.
Contact David Teschler at 612-991-5117 with questions.

Recovery Resource Library
Trinity’s Living Library is home to the largest addiction library in the St. Croix Valley. Hazelden Foundation BookAid Program graciously donated the materials. Since everyone is touched by the many kinds of addictions we encounter in life, all are invited to use this valuable resource addition to the Trinity library. Please contact Karen Gieseke at 439-0146 with questions.

Addiction Awareness Team
The Addiction Awareness Team is working to raise awareness of addiction and its impact on families by developing and gathering resources to educate individuals, families and the Trinity community about addiction. The team will also be gathering a list of people who would be willing to walk along side those who are dealing with addiction or a loved one’s addiction. Contact Pastor Kris Linner at 439-7400, ext. 107 or via email.

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