Global Missions

Mission Tanzania

When you plant a seedling, you may know what species you’re planting, but you’re never sure how fast it will grow, what shape it will branch into and what obstacles to growth it will need to overcome. Mission Tanzania is such a seedling. But seven years after its planting, Mission Tanzania has grown in many unexpected, and wonderful, ways—and will continue to do so with the support and enthusiasm of the Trinity Lutheran Church community.
In 2008, two groups of missionaries visited Tanzania. The June group consisted of 30 people, half of which were college-aged students. The fall group consisted of a dozen adults. Learn how these groups—along with the spiritual and financial support of the congregation—helped Mission Tanzania grow. To learn more about Mission Tanzania, and how you can become involved, click here.

Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico Adult Trip
An exciting opportunity awaits you in the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico.Trinity  has been sending groups of youth and adults to this area since 1990. In those 20 years, the youth and adults of the St. Croix Valley have forged deep relationships that continue to this day. You now have the opportunity to travel the same streets as missionaries from years past. You can meet their friends and inspect their handiwork. This trip has been designed with you in mind. We adjust the schedule and the workload to allow more time for exploring and relaxing. We spend the week serving our friends, learning about the culture and cuisine of the Mayan civilization, and enjoying recreational opportunities in the surrounding area.
To learn more about adult trips to the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico, click here.

Guatemala Mission Trip

If ever there is a place for showing kindness, it is in the difficult setting of caring for those who, because of age or circumstance, have lost their independence and require assistance for the basic daily functions we all take for granted. In addition to the countless opportunities for showing kindness within our families and community, Trinity has made a commitment to taking that same kindness beyond the walls of our church and immediate community.
Guatemala is the poorest country in Latin America and one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere. The poverty and lack of medical resources brings suffering to a warm and hard-working people.
During a Mexico Mission trip, a conversation led to the prospect of Trinity forming a mission pa
rtnership in Guatemala, and a small group going on an exploratory trip to Guatemala. To read more about our Guatemala mission trips, click here.


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