The place God calls you to is the place

where your deep gladness and

 the world's deep hunger meet.
- Frederick Buechner

Everyone is called.  Everyone has a purpose and a ministry in this world.
  Your Call is “Where” or “What” you will serve. Your passions and “deep gladness” are clues to your call.

Prayer:  Of course, the best way to get started is to pray.  Ask God to be with you in discovering or discerning your call. This, of course, is more to remind you of God’s presence than for God’s benefit, because God does not forget us.  But we may have become distracted or busy, and we need reminding that this is a God-centered process.  Slow down and center your heart with God.  Listen for God’s call by sitting in silence, contemplation, prayer or meditation.

God, please be with me as I explore my strengths, my call and my purpose.  Help me to quiet down and hear your whispers, help me to see the passions and patterns in my life.  God, open my heart, my eyes, and my ears to your call. Help me to live with you as my center.  I am your humble partner in mission.  I am listening for your call.  AMEN


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