Welcome to Trinity Senior High Ministry

This is a place for you and your friends.

•    Everyone is welcome--you don’t have to be a member.
•    You can be in a group with your friends and make new friends.
•    It’s a fun, safe place where you can be yourself.

It’s a place to discover more about God and yourself.

•    You can learn about Jesus and how to have a relationship with him.
•    You can learn many ways to connect with God.
•    You are encouraged to ask questions.
•    You can talk about what’s happening in your life.
•    You can learn more about who you are.

You can help change the world.

•    You can be a part of a variety of mission opportunities.
•    You can use your unique talents to help others.
•    You can create and lead in ways that make a difference in the world.
•    Contact T.J. Anderson at 651-439-7400 or via email to learn more.

Check out the River Youth Worship!

The River is an inviting ministry that seeks to ignite senior high students to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  We come together to worship, dive deeper in our faith, and reach out to our community and the world. This ministry strives to see students discover their unique purpose and God-given gifts and live out their purpose in the world. 

Through small group breakfast clubs, the River worship, several leadership teams, special events, and many retreats and mission trips, students will develop valuable relationships with other students, adult leaders, and God. See more...

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