Trinity partners with people to address their basic needs and work toward self-sufficiency

•    We love, respect and empower our mission partners.
•    Relationships with our partners are dynamic, evolving and long-term.
•    We maximize our resources, as well as those of our partners.
•    We provide safe, organized and meaningful mission experiences.

People experience God and change in surprising ways through missions

•    Missions broaden perspectives, break down stereotypes and give a new sense of community.
•    We gain deeper understanding of the complex nature of poverty and working toward equality in the world.
•    You may find you have received more than you have given.
•    You may gain a renewed sense of life and be energized to redefine your values and priorities.

We help you find mission opportunities that suit you

•    People of all ages can get involved in our local, state, national and global missions.
•    You have a unique contribution to make.
•    Missions offer a variety of opportunities to discover and use your strengths.
•    Our missions are supported by coaches and teams.

For more information contact Tom Thiets via email or ext. 146.

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