Groups and Team at Trinity

Groups and teams create communities that enrich your life.

•    Groups and teams are caring and trusting places where you can be yourself.

•    Life is more meaningful when shared with others.

•    Groups and teams help you share, learn and grow with new or existing friends.

Groups and teams give you a place to contribute your skills and make a difference.

Trinity supports a variety of groups and teams to meet your interests and needs.

•    Trinity has people of all ages participating in more than 150 groups and teams, with new ones added regularly.

•    Groups get together around shared interests, life stages or transitions. Examples include learning, wellness, adventures, parenting, marriage and retirement.

•    Teams work together on common tasks. Examples include congregational leadership, missions, care-giving, trips, retreats and special events.

•    You help design the group or team purpose and experiences.

•    Each group or team has experienced leaders that are trained and supported by Trinity.

It’s easy to join or create a group or team.
•    Everyone is invited to join a group or team.

•    You don’t have to be a member of Trinity to be in a group or on a team.

•    A sampling of groups and teams is listed here.

•    If you have an idea for a new group or team, we will help you create it.

•    Contact Julie Joliette or other Trinity leaders to explore the possibilities.

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